About The Brown STEM Girl™

The Brown Stem Girl™ was created to provide an outlet for girls of color in stem. We aim to engage, empower and educate. It is our hope that girls are motivated to become all they desire to be in the world.

With the launch of the Brown STEM Girl Scholarship Program we are launching a long-term commitment to helping outstanding minority students with a stellar educational record and passion for a STEM related career to realize their maximum potential.

This prestigious scholarship program for girls of color is based on evidence that by removing the financial barriers to college, a dedicated scholarship can enable high-potential, minority students to excel in their course work, graduate college, and continue their journey to making a difference in the world through STEM.

In addition to funding, The Brown STEM Girl™ Scholarship will provide further support to Scholars, by engaging with them and their institutions in a variety of ways, to ensure they have access to ongoing resources and services they need as they navigate college life and transition to their chosen STEM careers.